Martial Arts School Owners
What's New with Next Level?

We have been working hard to renovate all of our premium levels.  You may not be a member so you may be wondering what is the premium level like?  If you have not read our sales letter, explaining clearly why next level is such an amazing site for martial arts school owners, please do.  Here is a quick rundown – I started taking it to the next level mainly to train my staff.  At the time, I was opening schools left and right with affiliate schools throughout the world.  My goal was to take over the martial arts, like Genghis Khan (just kidding) at that point when I was at my peak I had 10 schools  - Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Michigan, Brewster, Sayville, East Islip, West Islip, Lindenhurst and Port Jefferson Station N.Y.  While I could sit back in my headquarters school in West Islip rubbing my hands together like the orchestrator of some empire, I slowly realized that I was always on the move, always traveling and never had time for myself.  Long story short, my daughter was born and my perspective changed.

Early on I realized that I had to train my staff, in order to be able to continue to grow my schools.  The hard part was how do I train people who live out of the country – that is where next level started.  Soon after I started to downsize, I then decided to open up Taking it to the Next Level to the public.  So here we are.  

What’s New
1)    We have changed the entire format of our premium membership, making it more organized and a navigation pleasure.
2)    We added many new areas that continue to grow each month.  For example;
 Advertising library, growing by one to two ads per month as you continue, Business form library – this section is filled with everything you need, contracts, collection letters, attendance cards, attendance and statistical tracking systems, Take a look at the join now letter.  IT is Simple Amazing.
3)    We have added on a huge amount of new material  - Ninja Marketing Tactics, complete marketing systems to grow your school “step by step.”
4)    A simple step by step approach to grow your school.  Think of your business as a puzzle, with each piece being numbered, for easy assembly.  We don’t expect you to figure it all out, or else why would you be paying us.

In spirit;

Allie Alberigo