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10 Tips for marketing
your martial arts school

"You should only have one goal in
Life - to achieve as many goals
as you possibly can"
Allie Alberigo

The tip of the month for this month  and for any other month is ACTION!  Too many times I speak to school owners and the difference of success and mediocrity is one word "Action."  You may think you are working hard every day, and do not have another second to do another thing.  The question that I have for you is - are you doing what is necessary for your success or are you caught up, spinning your wheels in areas you may not need be in.  Taking it to the Next Level helps you in these areas, keeping you on track with a clear concise focus on your growth.  Read our membership letter on the opening page of our martial arts section. 

1) Establish the clients you want to market to:

This is imperative. Many martial arts schools advertise blindly, running ads in, print, radio or television without any focus. I have found if you specialize your ad, rather then having to much in it, the less versatility you have gives you more quality responses. The old saying is less is more. The focus of the ad is not spread to thin and the consumer is not darting from area to area to figure out what you actually specialize in. Bottom line is if you are actually looking for children advertise to parents in areas that they read and explain the benefit your program has for children specifically.

2) Don't put your eggs in one basket

Don't utilize only one source of advertising. You have heard of many areas of marketing low and high cost for martial arts schools. Try to put as many in effect as you possibly can.

3) Make your school a household name in your community

Make sure when someone thinks of martial arts, they think of your school. The goal is to get you name out regularly and repetitively so that you become the school of choice.

4) Become the expert in your area

Becoming the expert is easier than you think. It is all a matter of getting the right press. Write a press release and send it to all the local papers in your area. Write about everything going on in your school that is news worthy. The last test with 20 little ninja's or the last black belt test. This is where you get credibility that tends to have the community look at you differently.

5) Do a buddy day this month

A buddy day is a great source of referrals for your school. It is fun, builds a synergy within your students and also brings new members to your school.

6) Put one new idea into effect

that will bring your school to the next level - A Black Belt Club, A referral contest, an income generator and thing that is moving you forward in a positive direction.  Just don't stand still, you know the saying standing still is like going backwards because the world is passing you by.

7) Get on the phone and do some calls to old members

See if you can talk to old members and encourage some to come back, refer a friend or even write a testimonial. This is something that you must be good at, but is also a great way to turn around some unsatisfied customers and learn more about why people left your school to begin with.

8) Get in contact with all local PTA

parent teacher associations or PTO - parent teacher organizations and ask them if you can be their official donor. Here is the idea. Ask them if you can demonstrate and give away passes at all their functions. Also, that you love their quality referrals. You know that you can help the children of the community by teaching them martial arts. You are so confident that your program is great, you will donate the first month of tuition directly to the PTA. In fact, they don't even write the check to you. They write it directly to the PTA. See how you will get people pushing you organization. Make sure you are as professional as possible and remember it doesn't cost you anything.

9) Do some parent seminars

Teaching the parents how to become coaches. So that they can help their children - your students. This will increase retention and motivation within your school.

10) Last but not least - officially kick off your referral program

Here is how my program works. For every student that joins a particular program you give them a gift. The prizes are up to you. In my schools I give out a prize for anyone that refers a joining member. Then for every member that joins a core program of a year or more (this is up to you). We count their referrals toward a free year. For everyone that refers 5 members or more that join our core plan we give away a year of free lessons to the referring member. This may need to be adjusted to suit you. This program brings hundreds of referrals into my school each year. For every membership that I give away. I have five more coming in. Not a bad return on your marketing.