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Hi allie
Happy new year my friend. I hope you and the family had a great rest over the holidays.

We have put the referral system into place this month and it seems to be generating a lot of interest from the students. One student has already referred 5 new ones to our school (and been paid for it) we gave the payment in front of the rest of the class and you should have seen the response from the other students. It amazes me what people do when money is involved. I now have students asking for posters and flyers.  I have also put together some referral cards for them to hand out. (And all in a week).

It can only get bigger and better this year for us.we have put together some seminars and some parent nights as well. This is our growth year I would like to be able to quit working for someone else in about 18 months time and become a full time instructor and that is my driveing force.
Looking forward to more info to work with over the next few months.

See you soon
United Kingdom

PS:  If you ever wanted to use the excuse that Allie's program doesn't work in a specific area, I am living proof that it is just not so.  It works in the U.K and all over the world.  Try it.