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  You can forget your frustrations when you become a member of

Things like frustration, information overload, fear of sales, not having business systems, or a clear understanding of how to run your business are a thing of the past! 

Whether you have 3 or 350 students/clients

Taking it to the Next Level is your Business Solution.

Finally, a comprehensive, easy to use, step by step educational business curriculum that will put your school on the track of prosperity and success beyond your “Wildest Dreams.”

Dear School Owner and Martial Art Professional:
The next few minutes will shatter your expectations and help you take your business literally to the NEXT LEVEL!

    * No more confusion – simple easy to understand systems that you can immediately incorporate for amazing results.
    * Downloadable PDF forms with a learning tutorial on how to implement each idea every step of the way – we don’t get you motivated and then leave you hanging. Our systems have been proven by thousands of schools world wide in any market place.
    * A no nonsense approach  to running your business without all the fads, scams and business gimmicks, just pure sound business ideas, systems and advice.
    * No information overload! Are your tired of hearing a new idea every month with conflicting philosophies, or having a stimulating idea but not knowing how or where to fit it into your school, what steps it will take and what to do? We give you a Blue Print with the exact steps for implementation.
    * Are you tired of consultants telling you to sell out your pride and ethics, just to make a buck?  To strip your school of its history, protocol, and culture?  We can show you how to do what you do, and still be a huge success.
    * Isn't it time you ran your martial arts school the way you wanted, allowing you to sleep at night.
    * We have everything you need and more.

Here's the problem

The competition in the consulting industry will tell you to do this or that, give you fancy ideas, use fancy terms, even tell you that what you do is not Rocket Science – but I beg to differ.  Running a school based business is not easy.  If it were everyone would be making millions and have thousands of students/clients.  Why do you think it is that there are a handful of really successful school owners in the world today, making a living at what they love?

How can you beat the odds and become one of the ELITE?

The answer is simple – I have taken my 41 years of martial arts experience, business and consulting experience with over 25 years of teaching experience combined with running a highly successful martial arts school for over 18+ years and put it together in one simple program

Sure, if you look hard enough, you'll see more and more gimmicks and hear more and more promises, you’re even going to see ideas and new tactics spring up monthly. Does this mean you should continually search for change?

The answer is NO!

Although change is the only thing you can count on, sometimes in order to change you have to first establish yourself. At Taking it to the Next Level, we would like you to think about this story.

Once there was a man who was a builder of fine homes. He was nearing his retirement and a few days before he was supposed to leave, the owner of the company, asked if he would make a sacrifice and do one last job for him. The master builder thought long and hard and reluctantly accepted. The employee jumped in the truck with his crew and drove up to a piece of land atop a beautiful mountain. Thinking of how he always spoke of this property as the perfect retirement spot, he grew angry that it was not his and that his dream was unfulfilled.

Once the job commenced he became more and more bitter. As each day would go by, Under his breath he would say “How dare he ask this of me, I have given him 20 years of my life and never once sacrificed my integrity like others. I have always put out the best product and never scrimped on anything.” When it came time to lay the foundation he thought to himself he could save a tremendous amount of time so he could get on with his retirement by building a quick foundation. Instead of building it deep into the ground, he poured the cement only on the top surface. While this was not a bad way to build a house, it most certainly didn't’t lay a solid foundation that supported many walls and stories.

If he were to do it like he used to he would build it deep into the ground and reinforce it so it was as strong as possible. This time he didn't’t care he wanted to get the house done as fast as possible so he could move on to his retirement.

Throughout the job, he continued to cut corners and scrimp in many areas using lesser quality materials and inferior product. When the house was finally finished even though it was aesthetically appealing he realized it was the worse work he had ever done, but he didn't’t care. He didn't take any pride in the job whatsoever and just thought to himself, it is time for me to retire.

He finally handed the keys to the owner of the company and said “it is my time to go.” The boss handed the keys back and said, “this house is my gift to you, for all you have done for my company, for your loyal service, it is your retirement home. I heard you speak many times about the view from this mountain top and how you would love to retire here and I bought this property long ago for you.

The Moral of the story is always build your house on strong foundation, just like your business. Never sacrifice your integrity ever for speed and for the next gimmick. A good business has a strong foundation with strong systems. Take the time to develop them, do not move ahead with ideas, until certain basic foundational qualities are in place.

Are you working on your systems or are
you just following the next idea and fad?

The truth is... the solution is a mouse click away. It's inexpensive, it's proven, we offer month to month membership, so that means no lengthy contracts and it doesn't take a genius to master and operate. In other words it is designed for the working person, not the Harvard Business Expert but gives you an education that is unparalleled.

Here are some testimonials from Next Level clients

I just went to your site and - wow. I just changed my answering machine message with the one you recommended.  I was at the end of my rope and you have inspired me.  I NEEDED THIS!  Thanks for coming through.  Just wanted to let you know that the improvements we made by implementing the first months of your program have been crucial for Royal Court Academy.  The instructors, students and parents feel the new professionalism that has taken hold of our school and what a positive impact it has made. For the first time the majority of our comments are more positive then negative.  I couldn't’t be happier.  Royal Court Academy

Having a full time job at Harley Davidson makes the changes slower then I would like.  I have access up to month five so far on your site but I’m just working on month two.  It’s a slow process and I make sure I’m consistent with doing a little bit every day.  The point is your system works.  It’s because you supply the information with implementation in an easy to follow file system.  Thanks for making it so easy, effective and affordable.  Taking it to the next level is the best consulting tool I have found.  I wanted to let you know that.  Thanks again, Jeff Growel

My wife talked to you yesterday and joined your online training program.  I just wanted to say THANKS! For all the great information!  This is in my estimation, one of the smartest moves we have ever made.  I honestly think after 9 years of blood, sweat and tears, (literally), in this business, we’ll finally be able to hit the “big time” in income and success at our school.  We look forward to working with you for many years to come!
Steve Gupton, From NC

As far as your company goes, I had a chance to view the DVD you sent.  There are many others that have more to offer or so they think, just because they charge more does not make them better, but none takes the care at the beginning level and beyond as your does. Your DVD has really filled in the gaps that were holding me back and maybe causing me to lose even more money and focus, Thank you. I love your program.
Master Clifford Swann, Indiana

Allie’s Next Level Consulting program provides a systematic approach to martial arts business success. Each month affords copious material to invent, restructure, or re-align business systems, marketing strategies, communication efforts and/or instruction methods.  When fully applied, “Taking it to the Next Level,” opens the space for extraordinary results.  Furthermore, Allie is always adding something, so be cognizant of each months at all times.  Basically, if you want to be brilliant in the martial arts business, then welcome aboard!
David Kaye, Sensei – Chief Instructor

I run a rather successful dance/gymnastic and theater studio.  We have about 200 active members, I thought I was doing everything possible to run my school, but when I saw the material on Next Level, I was simply shocked.  I was caught in the typical paradigm, thinking what I did was all I could do.  Looking at what martial arts schools are doing, special events, retail, upgrade memberships, and some of the basic systems that I didn't do, shocked me.  I have doubled my monthly gross in 8 months.  I recommend it to everyone. Sandy - owner

You're only as good as you're education

Welcome to Taking It To The Next Level and congratulations for taking the step to transform your business and your life. I respect people like you because there are many people that just talk the talk but do not walk the walk and never take action. No matter what developmental stage you are at within your school - just beginning, already in business, or at the pinnacle of success we are here to help you tap into the very skills that will take you to the next level.

We share with you ideas, winning strategies, and insights that will help you create unlimited potential and give you what it takes to reach the next stage in your career. Before you get started I want to give you a little background on why I started this program. I have been a practicing martial artist and a businessman for most of my life.  I have learned through trial and error and spent thousands of dollars by making mistakes. I have built a team of experts and I want to help you to save you time and money by sharing this knowledge with you.

That's why my company, marries technology to proven strategies. That means creating cutting edge products any one can use to get leverage, and hit the ground running and fast track their business to profits….thousands of happy clients will attest to this.

It's simple. When you combine smart, easy-to-use systems with infinite scalability, you get breakthrough solutions you could never outgrow.

  Do I have your attention YET??????

I hope so, because changing your entire life is only a mouse click away. Check out a sample of what you get as a member.
Here is a look at month one.

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Nine Reasons Will help you grow your school and run a more professional organization almost immediately

Our systems will have a huge impact on your bottom line faster than anything you ever used!

1. Marketing Savvy: Fail to market, fail to get results. supplies you with a build-able ad library. Each month you are a member you get another ad slick that allows you to have a complete library with tons of advertising material.You are also supplied camera ready downloadable ads. This helps you save hundreds of dollars on graphic arts cost
2. Our easy to use system is designed to help save you time and effort.  We don’t expect you to re-invent the wheel. We take the frustration out of running your business.  We teach you in a step by step, organized month by month program.  We do not leave it to chance we give you the blue prints to a successful school.
3. Easy To Master: User friendly interface is push-button friendly. Just click and learn, that's it.
4. Build-able systems: I knew long ago every thing was connected together some how, I just never knew where or how.  It took me years to figure this out.  I have put the information in a sequence, step by step so you can eliminate all the trial and error and lost income.  We Fast Track you to success, we give you the tools, you just have to put in the work.
5. Kills Confusion: It's been proven that confusion kills sales, growth and progress, better known as Analysis Paralysis, so why don't you kill confusion first? For you this means taking out all the guess work.  We get rid of the frustration by giving you easy to use information in a specific order.
6. Business Audio/Video Tutorials: we supply you with a complete library every month with audio and video messages that will help you on your way to growing your business.  The topics are organized in a step by step order.
7. Business Forms: Over the last 18 years, I have paid tens of thousands of dollars in developing forms such as Trial Class Waivers, Membership agreements and Contracts, Sales forms, Welcome booklets, Sales binders, Employee Manuals, Non Compete Letters, etc. This is all at the click of a mouse for you at no additional cost. Each month you gain more and more in your library.
8. Increases Sales: We supply you with a entire library of sales information from the how tos to the tracking of sales. You also receive complete Sales Tactics such as our Ninja Marketing Tactics Library.
9. Statistical Analysis: The most important part of any business is to truly know how well you are doing.  We teach you what you should be tracking and when.  Quite often a person doesn’t know what records to keep, because they don’t have the hindsight to keep the records.  We give you a comprehensive list on what to track and how
10. Oops: I said 9, but this is what you should come to expect. We like to give more then you pay for, so here is another great thing about our program.  We supply you with a blue print for Income Generators -  income generators are sometimes the life blood of a school, allowing school owners to make extra income and also improve the retention in your school.  One of these events alone will pay for your Next Level program in it's entirety.
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How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

By now you know programs like this cost thousands per year.  In fact I was in a program that I paid $799.00 per month and we just did a single one hour group discussion once a month and that’s it.

If being a member of our program helps you to get one new student per year, or it helps you to keep more students by increasing your retention then it will absolutely pay for itself.  As you know keeping one student or getting one new one is worth thousands over the years.

Here's What Members Get...

* Membership Special - Try it out for one month and get my Business book absolutely Free (Valued at $39.99)
* Or Receive your First month at Half Price and it Renews at $69.99 a month, that's a mere $2.25 a day! Less then a Vanilla Latte.
* Free Ads Slicks – that will save you thousands in Dollars in layout.
* Business Form Library – with all the forms you need to run your company, as well as saving your thousands in graphic design and layout.
* Bi Monthly Income Generators – Full Blue Prints on activities that will make you thousands.
* Audio and Video Instructional on teaching methods, and business strategies.
* Pre-Written Promotional Copy (You can tweak if you wish)
* Team Leadership Character Development Lessons (starting at month 7)
* Easy to understand interface so it's simple to use.
* Ninja Marketing Tactics – and marketing campaigns.
* Business Networking.
* Access to Allie Alberigo through email for any question at anytime.
* Discounts on products, printing, and gear.
* A network of professionals to help you throughout your career.
* Easy to learn business education.
* Proven concepts and technologies that work.

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As we scale up, we'll have to add more computing power and more bandwidth which means the price WILL be going up.
If you're at all interested in driving new rivers of revenue to your business, and becoming a Martial Arts Professional you need to act now!

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